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    The obviously public-schooled critic opines:

    Parenting in this country has got to change.

    Kids do not need their folks to be their BFFs. Instead, they need a swift kick in the butt and a heaping spoonful of truthfulness.

    Otherwise, this growing epidemic, in which the country’s youth have been brainwashed to believe they have the talent to actually be the next Canadian Idol, is sure to continue for years and years and years …

    Tuesday night’s Idol premiere was jam-packed with these delusional offspring. There was the guy who smashed his guitar after being rejected and the one who threw a loonie in anger. That’ll show those judges.

    But the saddest of the bunch was Krista Poirier. The obviously home-schooled teen truly believed she was a hot dancer, showing the panel her hip-hop moves, which included a laughable moonwalk.

    And her voice was even worse, leading many to predict she could become this year’s Canadian William Hung. Thankfully for Poirier, and all the others who march to the same oblivious drum, our judges seem to have a tad more class than their American clones. Instead of embarrassing these kids, the panel tried desperately to come up with at least one nice thing to say before crushing their dreams on national TV.

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