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    Let’s see how much integrity Tim White has. Will he publish this?

    The Observer has been leading the cheers for the proposed merger of city and county governments. Based on the coverage on the editorial page and on the website, one would think that this is a no-brainer and a win for all concerned. Not so fast. Here are a few facts you won’t find in the paper:

    1) Consolidated government is more expensive and collects more in taxes.
    2) Grassroots participation is lower in consolidated governments.
    3) Efficiency gains from consolidation are minimal.

    This is a de-facto annexation by Fayetteville of the rest of the county. On page 42 of the report, in a discussion of how roads will be handled, they refer to the city annexing unincorporated areas.

    The cheerleaders dislike Fayetteville city government and want to scrap it. Fine. Just don’t drag the rural parts of the county along for the ride.

    UPDATE: Apropos of nothing, the saynotometro.com domain has nothing to do with government. Levis’s Dockers has/had(?) an advertising campaign built around saying “No” to metrosexuality.

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