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    The NYT stares into the abyss and blinks:

    The White House’s extreme position could lead to a constitutional crisis. If the executive branch refused to follow the law, Congress could use its own inherent contempt powers, in which it would level the charges itself and hold a trial. The much more reasonable route for everyone would be to proceed through the courts.

    Sure. And if we just clap louder Tink won’t die. Unfortunately for the country, the administration has made it clear that the term “reasonable” is not in the WH dictionary. Cheney et al. have engineered this “constitutional crisis” in order to seize power that the Executive should not have. Congress MUST act to stop them.

    And, yes, I’d be writing the same if the party labels were reversed.

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    July 22nd, 2007
    at 5:31 pm

    Daryl wrote: “And, yes, I’d be writing the same if the party labels were reversed.”

    No kidding. I wish people would stop making this an “us vs. them” or “red vs. blue” issue. Stomping on the Constitution and the country’s laws is WRONG, and it does not matter which party is doing it, or why.