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    IDIOTIC. STUPID. UNINFORMED. That’s what homeschoolers labeled an editorial on homeschool “accountability.” Well, this follow-up editorial, like most sequels, is no better than the first:

    The point of the editorial was that current state law does not require parents who are home schooling their children to notify the state or local school districts they are teaching their children at home. The editorial called for the law to be changed at minimum to require parents to notify the state they are schooling their children at home. We also recommended that a curriculum be followed.

    …[I]f I were home schooling my children, I would want to make certain my students were competent in the core subjects that are expected for post-graduation.

    I would welcome the accountability and can’t help but wonder why home school parents wouldn’t welcome it as well.

    Ms. Allen fails to understand the difference between her choosing to be “accountable” (to whom is not clear) and the state coercing homeschoolers to take some test and to follow some curriculum. I have attempted to set her straight in the comments section (not yet online). Feel free to do the same.

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