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There’s no way this CNN piece is accurate. Folks in India evidently haven’t figured out oil lamps. And their cars don’t have headlights, either.

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Comment by
Nance Confer
July 31st, 2007
at 5:39 pm

Maybe they’ve been too busy with genies.

OTOH, they could have wished for light. . . . hmmm. . . 🙂


Comment by
July 31st, 2007
at 7:27 pm

I had a similar reaction. As a field anthropologist, I’m well aware that basic modern amenities such as kerosene pressure lanterns, metal pots and pans, motorbikes, and cheap plastic furniture have penetrated into the world’s farthest corners and poorest communities. CNN’s claim that “Just two years ago, villagers had never seen light after dark, unless it came from the moon” is nothing short of ignorant hyperbole, once again trying to present the worlds poorest as somehow primitive and pristine.

A more pertinent question not answered in this piece is, where did the money come from? Even a relatively small 11W solar panel costs over $100 US. There had to be some development money involved here…

Comment by
Daryl Cobranchi
July 31st, 2007
at 7:34 pm

Ignorant racist hyperbole.