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    FOREWARNED IS FORE-ARMED The rhetoric for mandatory pre-school is starting to ratchet up. Some claims-

    — Preschool graduates have fewer referrals to special education or remedial classes.

    — Preschool alumni are less likely to repeat a grade and more likely to graduate from high school than non-preschoolers.

    — Children who attended preschool show greater social and emotional maturity than peers who didn’t. They have lower incidence of illegitimate pregnancy, drug abuse and delinquency. They are more likely to play sports, attend church and participate in volunteer activities.

    The article provides no data to back any of these and I find them difficult to believe. And, then there’s that pesky correlation/causation problem. Even if all of the claims were true, there is no guarantee that pre-school is the causative agent. Assuming that there are any data to back up these claims, I’d like to see that they controlled for other external factors such as income.

    I have come to the conclusion that there is an organized effort to force the compulsory attendance age lower and lower. I am not normally a conspiracy theorist but this trend has me worried.

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