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    HLSDA’s favorite may drop out if he doesn’t do well in today’s Iowa Straw Poll.

    It’d be worth a quick trip to Iowa (and the $35 “poll tax”) to be able to support our anointed candidate.

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    August 11th, 2007
    at 7:27 pm

    1) You can only vote if you have a valid Iowa ID, so traveling in from out of state doesn’t help much (not that that has stopped the political junkies from “showing their support” at the event).

    2) Most of the candidates will give you a free ticket to vote if you promise to support them. I thought about getting one of those tickets and driving up to join the fun, but the heat index is over 100°, and I bet it’s significantly higher than that at Hilton Coliseum which is surrounded by concrete. The 40 min drive each way just didn’t seem worth it.

    We went swimming at IL’s instead.

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    August 11th, 2007
    at 10:18 pm

    Huckabee took 2nd. Looks like we’ll be able to ridicule his supporters for a little while longer.