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    Fight illegal immigration by not watering your lawn:

    Businesses hurt chances of conserving water

    We see governments all over the area seeking methods to conserve water. This in light of governments, developers, home builders, homeowner associations and others continuing to plant grass and install underground irrigation systems, essentially doing anything they could possibly do to encourage excessive use of water just to keep the grass green.

    All the while, N.C. State University has a published list of more than 150 plants described as ground cover and not requiring daily irrigation, mowing or extensive application of fertilizer, herbicides, etc.

    Wow, imagine the silence of Saturday morning without every yard filled with the sound of lawn mowers. Imagine the money saved if the government did not have to mow the grass along the roads, around municipal buildings, schools, hospitals, etc. Consider the water, gasoline, labor, equipment and the environment saved.

    Wow, is there any downside? Why, this action could reduce the need for many of the undocumented visitors to sunny North Carolina. Why, the savings would expand to our hospitals, schools, highways and all the other facets of our economy impacted by our beloved visitors.

    There is one negative, and that is that the businesses who cater to our visitors would receive less business. Oh well, I guess it’s not such a good idea.

    I’m sorry!

    J.P. Lloyd
    Chapel Hill

    3 Responses to “LOTD”

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    August 23rd, 2007
    at 8:54 am

    Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two consecutive paragraphs start with the word wow.

    Comment by
    August 23rd, 2007
    at 9:21 am

    At least he ends the letter accurately. He is, indeed, a sorry spectacle.

    Comment by
    August 23rd, 2007
    at 1:12 pm

    I agree with him (or her?) on the use of ground cover instead of grass as a better environmental alternative (not to mention I hate mowing).

    The whole undocumented visitor thing gets a little wacky though. Or a lot wacky. Yeah.