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    A ROLE MODEL Here’s what a pro-life activist had to say about the future of the pro-life movement.

    Weyrich sees the fight over abortion more in terms of the larger skirmish over American culture. “We cannot put our faith in the Republicans or anyone else until we change the culture,” he said.

    Change might require that the pro-life community “do what the home-school movement did,” Weyrich added. “They withdrew from a completely deficient environment and spared their children the dreadful things that are going on in public schools today.”

    “We can’t expect to send our kids to the movies produced by Hollywood today and think that it won’t affect them,” he added.

    While homeschoolers aren’t looking to change the culture, I (now) understand the analogy, although I’m not sure it’s 100% on target. Weyrich believes the abortion battle is going to be a long one and won’t be won until the culture is changed through the kids. He wants to “protect” children from the culture at large in order to eventually win the abortion fight when these kids grow up. Now, I’m all for protecting kids from a harmful environment; that is a major part of homeschooling. Where we part ways, though, is that homeschoolers aren’t necessarily doing this to further some political end 20 years from now.

    NOTE: I have purposely tried to keep the tone in the post neutral. This blog is not “about” abortion, so let’s not start any flame wars, ok?

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