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    The local ACLU didn’t even have time to file the lawsuit before the school district caved:

    The Cumberland County school system will stop allowing outside groups to leave Bibles for elementary school students.

    Principals in the county’s 54 elementary schools received a memo Monday morning advising them to prohibit the distribution of Bibles or any other “proselytizing texts or materials.”

    “The current state of the law … specifically limits this practice to high schools only and subject to several requirements,” wrote David Phillips, the school system’s attorney.

    Phillips’ memo came after the mother of a fifth grader at E.E. Miller Elementary complained about a stack of New Testament Bibles that were left on a table in her son’s classroom Nov. 9. The Bibles, which had the imprint of the Gideons, a religious group that distributes the Bible, most notably in hotels.

    The mother, Geri Weaver, filed a complaint with the American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina. Other schools in the county also have made Bibles available.

    I can’t wait to read the LttE criticizing the heathen atheist woman for standing up for her constitutional rights. I’d write one in support myself, but I just had one published a couple days ago. The policy is one every six weeks.

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