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    THIS IS COLLEGE? What a waste of tuition money:

    Butler University students taking David Luechauer’s business classes may have to put a colored dot on their foreheads for 10 days — a diversity lesson.

    They may invent the “superhero” they’d like to be. Or perhaps crawl on the floor while making animal noises — freeing their inhibitions.

    They’re asked to write, stage and perform a play and create collages representing their past, present and future…

    In his organizational behavior class, students often break up into small groups to share ideas. When they address the class, they stand. “Hi,” the class says in unison. “Hi, class,” the student responds, After each finishes talking, Luechauer calls for a round of applause.

    On Thursday, the 32 students roamed the room, examining one another’s collages and telling those in their group of their past and whom they want to be.

    This would look stupid if 5th graders were being asked to “perform” this way. At the college level, it’s just criminal.

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