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    This really is a significant victory. Blogs led the effort to push Dodd into (and support him for) placing a hold and then filibustering the odious retroactive immunity for the telcos. They broke the law. Just because it will be inconvenient for the Bush admin to have their role in that lawbreaking exposed in a court of law is no reason for the Senate to do damage to the Constitution.


    My internet team tells me you were part of the effort to stop retroactive immunity yesterday.

    I’m told that 506,000 emails were sent to the Senate.

    That must have been what Majority Leader Reid was talking about when he said he received thousands of messages this week on immunity.

    It goes to show that when you are clear about what you stand for, understand how to get things done, and have the support of well meaning Americans, you can get results for the American people.

    As soon as I got home last night, I recorded a short video about our collaborative effort, and a little insight as to how far I would have gone.

    Take a look.


    While we won a major battle yesterday to prevent the further erosion of the Constitution, there is still work to be done.

    When the Senate gets back from the holiday recess, we’ll take up the FISA bill again. And I am prepared to go to the mat once more to protect the Constitution.

    But we shouldn’t wait until then. We have a window right now to lobby your representatives to stand up to George Bush, and drop immunity from the bill before it is brought back up.

    There’s more in the video I recorded last night, so please take a look and share it with your friends.


    Finally, among the thousands of messages we’ve received, a lot of people have asked how they can help the campaign in these closing weeks.

    Contributing to the campaign will enable us to bring on more staff to reach deep into Iowa, spreading our message of real leadership that will end the war in Iraq, and restore the Constitution.

    You can watch the video and contribute here.


    Happy holidays, and know that stopping this bill is the best gift we could have given the country yesterday.

    Chris Dodd

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