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    GO, BOILERMAKERS This article starts out recounting how homeschoolers are facing discrimination in college admissions due to confusion among the admissions officers. They really should know by now that the schools will not lose federal funding if they admit homeschoolers. Purdue has apparently gotten the message.

    [F]or those hoping to enroll at Purdue, there is no difference in the criteria that must be met for admission between those who are home schooled and those who attended an accredited high school. Indiana Department of Education dictates Purdue’s admissions policies.

    “In the state of Indiana, a diploma issued from a home school is a recognized diploma,” said Doug Christiansen, director of enrollment. “There is no difference.”

    He said as long as a home-schooled student meets the admissions requirements they are eligible for enrollment.

    “We, as an institution, have evolved to make sure that all requirements are the same for all students,” said Christiansen.

    Joyce Hall, director of the division of financial aid, said the same thing holds true for financial aid.

    “It’s a level playing field,” she said…

    “We are seeing increasing numbers of home-schooled (students) that are very, very prepared.”

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