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    I love global warming deniers. It’s always so easy to pick apart their “arguments.”

    Climate control is about socialism

    First, we had professional actors Bob Hope and Bing Crosby making a B-grade fun comedy “On the Road to Bali.” Now, we have professional climate hypocrites engaged in a dark, made-for-TV-grade comedy in Bali.

    Facts: Carbon dioxide levels fell in the U.S. last year; global temperatures have fallen since late 2002.

    Yet we continue this lemming rush to implement “progressive” (read socialistic) policies world wide. I admit a grudging admiration for the environmental left in their taking corporate shakedown to new levels. Bali is all about shaking down entire nations. This is much better than Iraq Oil for Food. This is totally legal.

    Of course, we have our own local shakedown going on via the Climate Action Plan Advisory Group, the duplicitous N.C. legislature and the uninformed taxpayers of the Tar Heel state. The media seem to have imposed a news blackout on the shenanigans going on in Raleigh with the Center for Climate Strategies, a left-leaning activist lobbying group.

    One huge problem with CAPAG/CCS back-room dealing is that no cost-benefit analysis is being conducted for the CO2-reducing options being recommended. According to the John Locke Foundation, Tom Peterson, the executive director of CCS, which has taken over managing the CAPAG process, admitted this at a meeting of the Legislative Commission on Global Climate Change last month.

    Bill Wadford

    Any letter that starts off with an irrelevant “fact” and follows it up with a false one deserves to be ridiculed. For the record, mean global temperatures exceeded Wadford’s “late 2002” baseline in two of the next five years (2005 & 2007), with 2005 being the warmest year in the last 120. Interestingly, Wadford’s baseline was the warmest year up to that point. Strange coincidence, that.

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