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    This g-school sports bill actually sounds reasonable. Of course the sports educrats are opposed. And, of course, IAATM.

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    January 25th, 2008
    at 4:44 pm

    Well, sure it’ll just lead to parents hiding their children’s failed academics as their children do nothing but practice for sports. Just like those hs kids win the Geography Bee because school kids have to take lots of classes, while the hs parents do nothing but prep their kids for geography bees. It’s what you would expect parents to give up their jobs and stay home with their school-age kids for: an indadequate education and mastery of a single subject.

    My husband overheard this said about our own daughter, after she’d crushed the competition in PSIA spelling. A couple of private school teachers were discussing how she was another example of the unfairness of letting hs kids compete, since they could spend hours each day prepping.

    The irony was that she was really there for the math (which she loves), and the spelling competition was an afterthought, for which she did no preparation at all. Won the math, too. Of course, she *would* spend all day doing nothing but math, if we let her.