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    This guy seems to think we should torture American soldiers:

    Torture label hurts American interests

    So the Observer’s editorial staff thinks waterboarding is torture (“Die a little: It’s water torture, not an ‘enhanced technique,’” Feb. 12). I wonder if Daniel Pearl would rather have been waterboarded or beaten and decapitated on video at the hands of his merciless killers? I wonder if a line a mile or longer would form with the more than 3,000 who were burned, crushed or whatever other grisly form of death they suffered through on 9/11, if given the choice to have been waterboarded instead? Does the Observer really think that the discomfort faced by these ruthless animals outweighs information that helps prevent a repeat 9/11 and is key to tracking these terrorists down?

    I wish we never heard the term waterboarding. I wish we didn’t know a lot of things our military does to protect us. Why should we, and thus our enemies, know about our high-tech weapons, sophisticated intelligence-gathering techniques or other capabilities?

    I have to wonder what the person at the Observer who penned this editorial would choose if his son or daughter was captured either here or in battle, either by an American or by al-Qaida, and a member of the responsible party was caught. Would he choose to waterboard them to get information or play loud music all night? I am willing to guarantee he would personally bring the water and the board if one wasn’t available.

    Ray Witiak

    Is there any other paper in the country where the evil is so regularly displayed on the Letters page?

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