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    Tell me this one doesn’t sound like an urban legend:

    City police were swamped with phone calls Tuesday as word spread about a possible gang initiation ruse.

    Word was that those wanting to join gangs would cause a rear-end collision with another car and then attack that driver, said Jamie Smith, Fayetteville police spokeswoman.

    The rumor was spread by text messaging and e-mail, Smith said.

    Lawmen investigated the claims but found nothing to substantiate them, Smith said.

    Police believe it was an urban legend, Smith said.

    There was no mention of the ruse at Snopes.com, a Web site that examines urban legends.

    Yeah, Snopes didn’t have this exact UL, but it has several very similar ones. And now it has this exact one, too.

    My home town, made forever to look ridiculous on Snopes. Wonderful.

    As an aside, I am totally blown away by how up-to-date snopes.com is. The article quoted above is in today’s newspaper. And Snopes already has it.

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    March 27th, 2008
    at 8:21 am

    Back in the late 80s / early 90s we always left several car lengths of clearance at stop lights because of an urban legend that gang members would pin you in between their cars to rob you as part of a gang initiation. These stories have been around forever…

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    March 28th, 2008
    at 11:13 am

    I love Snopes. In my opinion, everyone should be required to make it part of their daily reading before going anywhere else on the internet.

    But then, I’m one of those wacky and oppressive HSLD lawyers who always thinks we know what’s best for everyone, right? 😉