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    Some joker signed me up for a new email list:

    It’s “Confederate History Month” on DixieBroadcasting!

    As many of our listeners will already know, April is generally recognised as “Confederate History Month” across the South. In honour of this, we will be playing a number of presentations on Southern Heroes throughout the month on the “Dixie Dynamite” show at 7am and 7pm Eastern.

    Also, be sure to listen to the special “Confederate Heritage Month” interviews EVERY WEEKDAY this month STARTING THIS WEEK on the “Political Cesspool” from 9am to 11am Eastern!


    ** Note: All speech CD’s from previous orders have shipped this week!

    Southern Heroes Set # 2

    Like any other distinct people, Southerners have our own heroes — those who have dared to challenge our enemies in defense of our beloved Southland. Sometimes in the halls of government and sometimes on the field of battle, these Southern heroes are the kind of men worthy of emulation and admiration of men, women, and children, alike.

    This Set Includes:

    *Brian Cisco – “Wade Hampton”
    This presentation deals with the leadership of Wade Hampton of South Carolina during the years of Reconstruction following the late War for Southern Independence. It was Hampton who led the famous Red Shirts to ultimately shake off the yoke of federal tyranny and lead the people of his home state of South Carolina to find Southern Redemption and once again regain a measure of autonomy and independence. The example of Wade Hampton is certainly one that Southerners and all freedom-loving Americans would do well to study today.

    *Charles Baker – “Jefferson Davis: The Christian President”
    A biographical sketch of the first President of the Confederacy which emphasizes his Christian character, something which set him apart from his counter-part on the other side of the Potomac and made him to stand out as a giant among men, even in his own day.

    *John Dwyer – “Stonewall Jackson: Standing Like a Stone Wall”
    A lion among men, Jackson was said to have been worth more than 1,000 men, according to one of his opponents on the battlefield. This speech discusses the feats of Stonewall and the source of his greatness.

    *John Dwyer – “The Christian Character of Robert E. Lee”
    Even his enemies could find nothing evil to say about the greatest military leader in the history of America. His noble Christian character provided the personal traits essential in leading the South, both then and now, by example.

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