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    Is protecting Israel our penance?

    If slavery was the original sin that gave birth to our nation, is protecting Israel our penance? Divine intervention has evidentiary support.

    Consider this: While all manner of social and economic upheaval plague our towns, cities and oh-so-porous borders, democracy — and order — prevails.

    The White House has changed hands nearly a dozen times since the start of World War II. U.S. foreign policy concerning Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and the West Bank remains relatively constant. Disparities in America’s opposing political parties notwithstanding, defense of the Jewish state has seldom wavered. This year’s crop of candidates will soon produce a new president, and he or she would do well to remember those precedents.

    Despite the inexcusable bloodstains of barbarism, nobility of spirit — not godless profiteering — was at the heart of our nation’s founding. Improbably, in these days of rampant strife, idealism endures in every shade and hue. Proof-seekers need look no further than the grassroots of the electorate. Signs of the apocalypse are aplenty, and the disease of apathy pandemic, but activism is at an all-time high. Said the pollster to the pol, “The economy isn’t the only thing they’re worried about, stupid.”

    Has America survived this long just by virtue of our oceanic borders? Let’s hope not. The Israelis are completely surrounded, with water at their backs. If racism is the caustic residue of an era we should ever regret, perhaps preventing the genocide of God’s chosen people will one day prove the cleanser.

    Gary Villani

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    Mrs. Gage
    June 3rd, 2008
    at 11:05 am

    I just wanted to say Gratz on the article, very well put, I don’t think that I could have said it better myself, I can only say that it is nice to see that some people are not worried to speak what others fear. Great job and thank you……..