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    This one is possibly the best the FO has published in the last year:

    Children are being abused in state schools

    Thank you for covering “The hitting stops here” campaign, which rallied in Robeson County in an effort to bring awareness to the abuse that is tolerated in our schools. North Carolina is behind the rest of the civilized world in its maltreatment of children in the school setting.

    I want to correct a statement that was in the March 21 article. We are told that “North Carolina is one of 21 states that allow corporal punishment in its public schools. It is administered only with the permission of parents or a guardian.”

    Parental permission is NOT needed in North Carolina for educators to strike your child in the pelvic region with a wooden board. Educators can hit your child without your consent, and parents are not able to opt out of this abusive action.

    While some districts may ask permission, state law does not mandate that consent is obtained. If your child is injured, there is no one to turn to. Local school boards protect their own, and the state board of education seemingly has no interest or jurisdiction.

    We have seen a teacher promoted to vice principal after bruising a student. It is no stretch of the truth that child abuse is actually promoted in North Carolina schools, and applauded among our educators.

    Parents, beware. Your children are at risk of being abused in our schools.

    For more information and to sign an online petition in support of banning corporal punishment in our state, please visit www.nospank.net/bancp-nc.htm

    Peggy Dean,
    Board of Directors,
    Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education

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