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    What’s the difference between the g-schools and a jail? Not a whole lot, I guess:

    Schools have rules, and that’s how it should be

    In response to “Kids take a stand — or not — on pledge rule” (front page, May 10): “Absence of order” is how Webster’s Dictionary describes anarchy. Order, rules, regulations, laws. We have them in our country, in our homes, in our schools, in every part of our daily lives. Without them our lives would be chaos. Our country would fall apart. The world as a whole would destroy itself.

    At what point did we make our personal expression more important than the glue that holds our world together? Expression is important and the world needs it for countless reasons. But since when is it wrong to punish a child in school who doesn’t follow the rules? The schools are run by our government. Why? That’s a whole other discussion.

    Children are in school not only to learn academics but also how to follow rules. We tell them what, where, when and how they have to learn. Remember people, these are public schools. As long as they are, your children (and mine) need to follow the rules. If you don’t like it, move them to another school or home school them. Don’t just throw out the rule book because some kid doesn’t feel like standing up. Where would we stop?


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