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This is what a doctorate in English gets you:

For decades, teachers have been inculcating an alternative tradition and belief system. The beliefs may be based on such amorphous and sophistical ideas as “social justice,” “tolerance,” and “multiculturalism,” the traditions may lead back to the communist ideology of the nineteenth century and then through the heyday of radicalism in the sixties, but the means for inculcation are entrenched.

OTOH, this bit is pure comedy gold:

An Obama presidency would signal the final salvo by the Left in the culture wars. Obama’s advance troops have already taken over our college campuses, have bound and gagged our conservative professors, have ravished our virgins, have pillaged our stores of wisdom, and have ensconced themselves in the thrones of power in deans’, presidents’ and department heads’ offices.

If she doesn’t make tenure (quite possible given these comments) she ought to consider open mic night here.

3 Responses to “THE Ph.D. IS HIGHLY OVER-RATED”

Comment by
Lisa Giebitz
June 10th, 2008
at 11:08 pm

For further commentary:

Comment by
Manning Shaw
June 11th, 2008
at 11:30 am

This one’s PhD definitely stands for “piled higher and deeper”

Comment by
Nance Confer
June 11th, 2008
at 6:38 pm

OK!! So we have almost achieved the final victory! Fantastic! 🙂