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    Wrong-o, Jack:

    Furman professors advocate for liberalism

    In response to the article titled “Bush to Furman grads: Be responsible,” I’m appalled at the actions of the faculty. Having just graduated this year from Wake Forest University, it’s embarrassing and disrespectful to think about their faculty taking the focus from the students’ accomplishments.

    I am a conservative and had a liberal speaker, E.J. Dionne, at my graduation, but neither I nor my family thought about protesting him. Why? It’s because in my four years at Wake Forest the faculty stressed tolerance, diversity and the importance of respecting views different from my own. This is a critical lesson that professors are supposed to stress, for it enables us to work through our differences together instead of through bitter partisanship.

    Unfortunately, while the Furman faculty may teach this to their students, in reality this group is actually telling them that the liberal voice is the only one that should be accepted (members of the faculty stood in silent protest of the commencement speech). This is what we call socialism. If I were a graduate of Furman, I no longer would contribute to the alumni fund, nor would I urge my children to attend the university.

    Christopher Appel

    Evidently Wake Forest doesn’t teach how to tell the difference between appropriate and inappropriate analogies. Last time I checked, E. J. Dionne didn’t start an unnecessary war and wasn’t (allegedly) leading our government.

    I will continue to donate to FU annually and plan to boost my annual giving next year just ’cause the FU profs took a stand. (Of course, I doubt my kids will go there. $40K/year is a bit steep.)

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    June 13th, 2008
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    Yeah, that other college up the road is so much less expensive. Maybe your kids should go there. 😉

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    June 13th, 2008
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