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    Snark in the local paper. Cool.

    Poll respondents are not experts on ideas

    A recent Pew study shows that a majority of Americans believe in God. Whoopee. That makes it valid.

    Here are some other headlines from the past:

    Majority agree that Pharaoh becomes Sun God at death.

    Majority agree that the world is ruled by at least 10 different gods, with Zeus in charge.

    Majority agree that persons with uncontrollable movements are witches who must be burned at the stake.

    Majority agree that night air is cause of most diseases.

    Majority sure that Saddam Hussein is hiding WMDs.

    It’s such a shame that it’s only a majority when it comes to these ideas. But, no, we always have that 8 percent to 10 percent who insist on being logical and demanding proof of any such notions, proof that would at least meet high school science standards. Bunch of troublemakers.

    And since the majority is never wrong, why don’t we have the majority decide on a cure for cancer, a way to produce cheap and endless gasoline and the way to stop all conflicts? Three cheers for the majority.

    Jim Stacey

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