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    The organizations that create and administer the ACT and SAT have an interesting response to kids who are caught cheating on the test– they essentially do nothing. The scores are invalidated but the schools aren’t notified that cheating was involved. Sometimes the kids even get to re-take the test gratis. It’s been kind of a “hide in plain sight.”

    Students taking the two tests sign confidentiality agreements and promise not to misbehave, but most are unaware of the testing agencies’ policies — and most professional tutors are not eager to let them know.

    “I’ve known about this for 25 years but did not believe it served anybody’s interest to be told there were no consequences for cheating on tests,” said Paul Kanarek, president of the Princeton Review of Southern California. “It’s not the right ethical message to send.”

    Well, thanks to Nikki Brown at the LAT, I know about it. And now so do you.

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