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    In the hope that James E. Martin is an ego-googler, I post here the text of an email I sent to the Fayetteville Observer’s editors in response to this column.

    You’re very mean-spirited, you know.

    When we have a serious issue to resolve at work we also form task teams. If the issue is critical, those teams meet EVERY DAY. And progress (or lack thereof) is reported back to the group EVERY DAY. So I’m not particularly impressed with 4 mtgs in a half year. That doesn’t sound like management takes the problem seriously

    The commissioners appropriated $2.25 million this fiscal year to address critical water contamination issues and begin preparing engineering design requirements to extend water in the county.

    A response by politicians who know their jobs are on the line. Perhaps if the bureaucrats felt the same we’d have seen more progress.

    The county signed a contract with an engineer to design a water line to the Southpoint neighborhood.

    And the contract calls for design completion when? 2009? 2010? 2525?

    The county met with the town of Hope Mills and PWC staff to begin a project to bring a water line to the Brooklyn Circle neighborhood.

    Wow! PWC, HM, and the county met. Once. And they’re all going to BEGIN a project that might be complete sometime in the future. Maybe. If they all agree to. Which there’s no evidence of.

    Preliminary engineering design work is under way to bring sewer to the Overhills Park community, for which federal grant funding has been authorized, though not yet appropriated.

    Translated this means that there’s no plan and no money.

    In a parallel effort, the Eastover Sanitary District is undertaking a project to extend its water lines east to the Sampson County line.

    Non-sequitur. Eastover isn’t the problem.

    County staff has begun creating a countywide integrated digital database for water lines and water contamination problems.

    They’re STILL playing with their digital toys..

    County staff has held productive discussions with water providers in the region, including PWC, Eastover Sanitary District, Harnett County, Robeson County and Bladen County, about potential cooperative efforts to extend water lines.

    Yay! And what was the product of those meetings? Who knows?! The meetings are closed.

    Communication between state and local agencies is being addressed and has improved.

    That’s good, I guess, as long as that improved communication actually results in some ACTION. I’m less impressed if all it means is that we now have twice as many navel-gazers.

    Commissioners adopted a policy requiring testing of wells in new subdivisions that are within 1,000 feet of contaminated ground water sites.

    Another political response that has nothing to do with the task force.

    In short, there is a lot going on. A fair-minded view of all this activity shows that the commissioners and county staff are giving water issues their top priority and utmost efforts.

    You’re mean-spirited and I’m unfair-minded. And the bureaucrats are led by a whiny, self-serving, incompetent boob.

    If the issue were not so important, this column might actually be funny.


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