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    Because only brown-skinned folks commit crimes:

    Crime is not foreign to large cities

    According to Webster’s Dictionary, the word ghetto means a section of a city in which members of a national or racial group live, or are restricted to. Becky Sharrow (“Back-to-back murders have community on edge,” July 15) should get her facts straight before bad-mouthing our city in a letter to the editor.

    I am a native of Fayetteville, and realize that, as in all big cities, crime has increased because of the diverse groups of people who live here. But in many of our crimes, particularly regarding the suspect in the murder of Megan Touma which Sharrow wrote of, the alleged act wasn’t carried out by Fayetteville natives, but by military transplants.

    Fayetteville certainly has much more good than bad. If Sharrow’s small town in Michigan had our population, she would hear of crimes there, too. Perhaps she should find the road leading out of Fayetteville, and take all the crime-ridden transplants with her. There are many of us who like calling Fayetteville home, including many active, and retired, military.

    Michael Anthony Kivett

    And I’m pretty sure the alleged act really happened. She really is dead.

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