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    An inside joke for COD:

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows that the bounce is continuing for Barack Obama. The presumptive Democratic nominee attracts 46% of the vote while John McCain earns 40%. When “leaners” are included, it’s Obama 49% and McCain 43%.

    Barack Obama has expanded his lead over John McCain in the Tuesday through Thursday Gallup Poll Daily tracking rolling average, and now has a 47% to 41% advantage over his Republican challenger.

    I bet McCain is kicking himself over his moronic call for Obama to travel overseas.

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    Comment by
    Ms. D
    July 26th, 2008
    at 1:37 pm

    It’s been complete lovefest here for Obama. I think I even heard a newscaster making the gaff, “…Obama, the next US president.,…” I wonder if I really heard that correctly. The media, here, have fallen at the feet of the golden boy, Obama. The is no question who Europe wants in the White House next year.

    Comment by
    Daryl Cobranchi
    July 26th, 2008
    at 1:59 pm

    Germany, right?

    Obama, the next US president

    Von seinen Lippen zu den Ohren des Gottes. (Please forgive the babelfish translation)

    Comment by
    July 26th, 2008
    at 9:12 pm

    Is this where I say polls mean nothing prior to Sept? 😉