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    Via John Cole, one of the most ignorant blogposts ever:

    If Obama could go to Germany and give a speech in English and be not only understood but well-received, why does he say we all need to learn another language?

    It’s a good thing, I guess, that the NRO doesn’t allow comments. Stupidity on this level should just stand all by itself.

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    Stephanie O
    July 26th, 2008
    at 9:37 pm

    That one made me laugh out loud. Maybe that’s what he was going for? 😉

    I found a Spanish immersion program for my 5 year old and now he’s bilingual. I’m guessing I may have some regret when my 2 year old joins the program and they can talk behind my back right in front of me. I’m still miffed that my dad never spoke German to me when I was little. It’s made me all the more determined to get a second language for my kids while it’s easy for them.