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2 + 2 =

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2 + 2 = 476,341 The Bozeman Chronicle editorialized in favor of their pending anti-homeschooling legislation. Apparently, the editor missed PHIL 201 at the University of Montana (Introduction to Logic).

Of the 3,500 kids who are home-schooled in Montana, do some lag far behind public school kids? Almost certainly. Are some not being taught at all, merely kept at home by deadbeat parents – possibly dissipated by alcohol or drugs – who can’t be bothered with getting their kids to school?

Perhaps. But would SB276 fix this hypothetical “problem?”

That’s what SB 276 is really all about – detecting and catching the kids who may be falling through the cracks. Students wouldn’t be required to pass the test and the results would only be shared with parents.

I doubt that any parent “dissipated” enough to not educate their kids would even bother to administer any state test, much less care about the results. No, this is a power grab by the nanny-state and should be opposed vociferously. (reblogged from Izzy)

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