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    CHEAP B.S.! Gary North has a fascinating column on how to earn a bachelor’s degree on the cheap– homeschooling! Distance learning programs allow students to take college classes over the internet at rock-bottom prices.

    You can send a child to a distant campus, either tax-funded ($44,000 TRBB) or private ($80,000 TRBB). Or you can let him live at home, work part-time to fund his own education, and spend as little as $7,000 over 2.7 years…

    Only about 10% of 4-year colleges and universities offer their students as many as half a dozen accredited distance learning degree programs, even when they offer a hundred majors to on-campus students. Most of these public universities charge the same tuition to in-state distance learning degree students that they charge to on-campus students, even though distance learning degree program students don’t use the colleges’ real estate. Most of the tax-funded universities charge three to four times as much tuition to out-of-state distance learning degree students. Nevertheless, some real bargains have slipped through the cracks. But you have to know about their existence and then go looking for them. Here is a good introductory list

    Apparently, the homeschool model continues to work through the bachelor’s level.

    Recent studies have revealed that students who have been educated in an off-campus learning setting produce higher performance rates than conventional classroom-based education does…

    Why not keep the child closer to home for an extra two years, and then send the child off to college?

    Even better, why not let the child stay at home for all four years, work part-time, earn enough to make a down payment on a home, and get the B.A. by mail?

    Why not, indeed.

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