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    DISCONNECT The usually good CS Monitor confused me today. They start off a column on college costs with this lede:

    It was not your average police-blotter item: Last week, federal marshals arrested four people in Minnesota who had defaulted on student loans. They weren’t charged, but they were put behind bars until they turned over financial information to the Federal District Court in Minneapolis so officials could see what monies might be available to pay back their debt.

    The operation’s name: Anaconda Squeeze.

    Some $25 billion in student loans stand in default.

    OK, kids are in hock up to their eyebrows and can’t pay it back. But, the Monitor follows with this non-sequitur:

    But before more Anaconda-like operations are carried out, Congress ought to take a close look at raising the ceiling on how much a student can borrow in low-cost government loans, something it hasn’t done for a decade.

    How is allowing undergrads to borrow more money going to lower the default rate or help the students?

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