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    This is going to be probably the oddest request that I’ve ever made here. I need some folks to write a LttE of my local paper. Like I said, odd. In town here there’s a City Councilman, Charles Evans, who is a real grandstander. There are no municipal elections in Fayetteville this year. But even with him not running for anything at all, someone’s been running an organized letter-writing campaign on his behalf. Once per week, the Fayetteville Observer gets a glowing letter from one of his constituents. I can’t figure out what the angle is, but it’s annoying as hell. So, what I’d like to do is send a whole bunch of letters to the editor of the paper. Each letter would mention the obvious letter-writing campaign and ask rhetorically what the purpose was. I’ve already received an okay from the editor, who is a friend and equally suspicious of Evans’ letters. I thought it would be really funny if he got letters from across the US and Canada.

    So, is anyone up to writing a letter to the editor of the Fayetteville Observer?


    1) Write a brief letter mentioning the apparent ongoing letter-writing campaign for Charles Evans and your concern that it seems fishy.
    2) Include your name, hometown, and contact info (phone or email address).
    3) Send it to Tim White with the subject heading “Letter to the Editor.”
    4) Please cc me on the email (daryl@cobranchi.com).


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    Comment by
    Tim White
    October 27th, 2008
    at 7:52 am

    Ummm, Daryl? The last thing I need is a letter-writing campaign to counteract a letter-writing campaign. I’ll be amused if I get a pile of letters from across the country and Canada. But I probably won’t use them.
    What I really had in mind was running one letter — one local letter — if a reader (you, for instance) wanted to question why Charles Evans is getting folks to write all those letters about him