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    FREE THEY AIN’T Edison Schools promise “free” computers to kids in the school. This has been a selling point that educrats and politicians love. Apparently, though, the parents aren’t buying.

    At West Middle School, only 253 parents out of an eligible 1,100 completed the three training sessions that qualified them for a computer. West, which has been under Edison supervision since 2001, signed out the computers in December.

    Edison and the educrats are shocked and disappointed. I’m not. I can think of many reasons why parents would reject these computers: For instance, perhaps they already have one (or more) at home. Computers are good tools but they are not the be-all and end-all to successfully educate our young. This was just an Edison gimmick that flopped. And, of course, the computers aren’t “free.” The cost is built into the contract and taxpayers are paying for them.

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