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    Give money to Americans first

    My brother-in-law had a wonderful idea. Instead of “giving” billions of American dollars to the car companies’ executives, Wall Street and to other beggars of assistance, send $1 million to each and every American. You want the economy to take a bounce up, and that should do it. It’s a cost savings to start: millions vs. billions. Not only that, if legislators and manufacturers want Americans to buy more, then give us the funds. We are better stewards of our money than have been the political officials in this country. We’ll buy cars, houses, clothes, food and other things we just dream about now. There will be no mortgage crisis, no credit crunch, no welfare or homeless families. Who knows, some of us may even go into business for ourselves. Wouldn’t Joe the Plumber be happy about that fact?

    It makes more sense to give us the money than to give it to people who have squandered corporate funds and want Americans to help them out, even as they’re living in luxury homes and flying jets to meetings in order to beg money.

    Lauren Brock

    That would be $3E14 ($300 trillion in the vernacular). I have a feeling that inflation might be a bit of a problem. But, who knows? Maybe Mr./Ms. Brock will soon be tapped to serve in the Treasury Dept.


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    December 9th, 2008
    at 6:53 am

    Yeah, these people never burden themselves with trying to figure out where the loot is coming from, do they? All they know is that the government has money and they want some.

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    December 9th, 2008
    at 9:12 pm

    It was the “cost savings to start: millions vs. billions” line that made me chuckle. Apparently, multiplication is not the author’s forte.

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    December 10th, 2008
    at 8:24 pm

    my 9yo will be investing his million in LEGOs and nachos.