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    Looks like I’ll have to resort to bribing my physician in order to keep my private health records private.

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    February 3rd, 2009
    at 4:59 pm

    If you are employed through your job, your employer can already see your healthcare information.

    (Hypothetically – HR wouldn’t really look, right?)

    My company was just bought out, and as a result, our healthcare provider was changed. The first time I went to the new insurance website, there was all my info from previous years!

    So it’s already out there, waiting to be peeked at or hacked into.

    Most of us just can’t afford to keep our healthcare out of somebody’s computer system. Even if we never went to the hospital, we’d have to pay cash for every dostor visit.

    It might be nice if privacy laws had some teeth. If a company was caught peeking, heads would roll. Hackers would do time.

    I know – wishful thinking.