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    In the Forum section of today’s Fayetteville Observer, the question concerned whether or not NC should institute a ban on smoking in restaurants and bars. This one wins the Godwin Award for Most Egregious Violation of the Law in Old Media:

    We have nonsmoking restaurants. We have only a few restaurants that have smoking and nonsmoking as required by law. I suggest to anyone, smoker or nonsmoker, look at Belmont, Calif., and see how government can get out of control. There you cannot smoke in your home.

    My fear is what is next. Also, look up history under passive smoking and you might be surprised to learn one of the first to coin the phrase was Hitler.

    For the record, NC isn’t so backward that we require smoking and nonsmoking sections by law. The law requires only that there be a nonsmoking section.

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    February 8th, 2009
    at 9:38 am

    VA just went non smoking unless there is a closed off smoking section with an independent venilation system. I should probably be horrified at this intrusion into private businesses but I am looking forward to being able to go out for a couple of beers without coming home smelling like a chimney. Although I think the market was slowly taking care of the issue on its own. The best beer bar in town was non-smoking until 9 PM, and my favorite Irish Pub was getting ready to go non-smoking on its own anyway.

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    February 8th, 2009
    at 12:03 pm

    Delaware’s smoking ban for indoor places passed several years ago. At first some people did drift over to PA, MD & NJ to smoking restaurants but also the reverse was true that people then started coming to DE to avoid smoke.

    Our area of Delaware is a 12 mile circle that is bordered by these 3 states. 20 min drive in any direction will take you out of state.

    Many of our local places then remodeled as you could really see the amount of staining that was on walls/curtains & stuff in the smoking sections.
    On a side note the smoking ban improved my bowling score by 50 pins in a weird sort of way. I myself am not a smoker. Never even tried one. I bowled for years & always had a steady average.

    Our women’s league has always been no smoking but by the 3rd game I would always feel kinda tired & outta breath. My game would drop off.
    About a month after the smoking ban started, I noticed my game was improving especially in that last game. I really believe that the residual smoke & residue from the nights before stuck around & had an impact on my breathing.

    Not scientific I know but true story. I really notice now when I go out to eat in neighboring states that the smoke is never ever contained just to the smoking section. I can smell it as soon as I step in the lobby.
    I believe second hand smoke can affect the health of the staff that work in places that allow smoking.

    One of the worse sights I ever saw in a restaurant was a women holding a newborn that was on portable oxygen on her lap as she herself was puffing away on a cigarette at the table. YIKES!!!
    This was at a buffet style restaurant in SC.