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    Another creationist in my paper. Nonsense, of course. But at least it’s mostly well-written nonsense.

    We need a more critical look at Darwin

    Gene Smith’s column regaling Darwin (“Here be dragons,” Feb. 14) accomplished little in convincing most of us that Darwin and the effects of his teachings are anything but dead on arrival in the imagination of the educated public as we enter the 21st century.

    Darwinism has been largely seized upon by atheists who were “humbled” after their interviews with Ben Stein in Stein’s award-winning movie “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.” None of them have been faring well of late in debates on YouTube either, so they are running bus ad campaigns in a desperate effort at damage control.

    The truth is that Darwin’s follow-up book to his “Origin,” “The Descent of Man” revealingly fleshed out the logic of his theory of animal-to-man evolution with such racist musings as that the break between primates and humans came “between the Negro or Australian and the gorilla,” thus making blacks the closest human beings to apes.

    Discovery Institute in Seattle has separate lists of some 800 PhDs and about 900 MDs worldwide who now publicly proclaim their dissent from neo-Darwinian theory and call for teaching its weaknesses in our schools as well as its strengths. A recent Zogby poll confirms this is how 78 percent of the American public wants the subject taught.

    Creation scientists at www.icr.org have a wonderful daily update and commentary on discoveries in all branches of science and how they relate to evolution vs. creation.

    Jeffrey Long

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