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    Make sure you read all the way to the bottom of this LOTD to get the punchline:

    Fading freedoms jeopardize survival

    To take from a long-ago advertising campaign, “Where’s the stimulus beef?” When we were told by the Obama administration that 3 million to 4 million jobs would be saved or created by these stimulus plans, a free pass was issued without so much as a debate in Congress! Most congressmen didn’t even read the bill they were signing.

    Summer is half over and the economic/employment numbers are less than encouraging. Department stores are already running Christmas specials hoping they can meet their financial forecasts. The private sector is losing more and more jobs while, in contrast, only the federal government has gained in employment prominence.

    Our Founding Fathers created this republic; but a republic can only survive if its populace wishes to maintain its economic freedoms. We’ve put unions and government in control of automakers. Our banking system is nearly solely owned by the Fed and we print money as if plucking it from a money tree in the backyard.

    Don’t do yourself the disservice of trying to convince me that “We the People” own these institutions. To date, I’ve yet received my dividend check or interest payments on monies loaned to these “government/taxpayer”- owned businesses. You’re witnessing government takeover at its finest.

    Wake up and smell what your government is shoveling down your throats, people. Without getting educated and understanding the course our country is on, there’ll be no end in sight. Our Founding Fathers’ legacy is quickly turning into a dilapidated mess. FairTax!

    John N. Horton

    Not that the rest of it was persuasive in the least, but adding the “FairTax!” [sic] tag was just icing on the idiocy.


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    Nance Confer
    July 26th, 2009
    at 10:25 am

    Yep, that’s what convinced me.

    Of what, I’m not sure. . . 🙂