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    I’m guessing that John Eberhart rides the bench:

    Home school, no play
    I am writing this in response to your July 15 article (Neighbors section) about home schoolers being allowed to play high school or junior high sports.

    It would be so unfair to allow a student taking just one course to play. How can you monitor academic eligibility? Suppose they take “cooking” or “wood shop,” an easy “A,” while other full-time students struggle to balance six to seven courses.

    Also, if I were a coach, I would never allow a part-time home schooler playing time and sit one of my players who is a full-time student. I don’t care how well they practice or how good they are, if they are part-time and home-schooled, they never see one second of playing time. Suppose all athletes withdraw full-time and become part-time? What a mess!

    If you decide to be home-schooled, then you voluntarily give up extra-curricular activities.

    If you want to play, go full time to school. The OHSAA I feel will stop part-time students from playing full-time sports.



    If the State allows HEKs to play g-school sports, coaches would have to be idiots to sit them solely because of their homeschooled status. Coaches are fired for losing, after all.

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    July 27th, 2009
    at 6:11 am

    Honestly they should get sports out of the public schools. Let recreation departments run the sports programs and allow everyone who wants to play.

    Let the schools concentrate on academics. Down here they will spend their funds on football equipment and use outdated textbooks in the classrooms, and they wonder why Mississippi is always last.

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    JJ Ross
    July 27th, 2009
    at 10:31 am

    I’d rather they get academics out of the public schools, and let them concentrate on sports! Let the community libraries and colleges run the academic programs for everyone who wants to play.

    An added advantage of that would be that suddenly the South would dominate on the “best” public school lists!

    And the last shall be first . . . 😉

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    July 27th, 2009
    at 11:33 am

    lol JJ….

    I think the writer is also a bench warmer when it comes to woodworking and cooking. If he thinks those are easy A’s, he probably hasn’t spent much time doing either.

    Reminds me of a story my husband tells about an art class in college. A guy in his class was offended that he didn’t get an A or B. He was just taking it to fulfill a core requirement, and he figured, hey, it’s art, it’s easy. He was wrong.

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    JJ Ross
    July 27th, 2009
    at 12:27 pm

    Lori, that reminds me of Favorite Daughter’s visceral reaction to that non-academic mindset when she finally got into her first university course in her beloved field:

    What is up with this attitude? Why are you in a 3300 level class that you don’t even care about?

    Come to think about it, why are you even in college?