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    This is almost as good as an Instalanche. Congrats, Sam. 🙂


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    when Bad Science is celebrated here at HE&OS.


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    Amy in VA asked me to pass this on:


    I wish I had read this site before, now I’m probably out $97. 3Moms.com has a new curriculum subscription. It is being advertised all over the internet. I got an email about it and decided to try it out. It is at www.eFantasmic.com. It claims to have a curriculum for over 100 books and lists all the worksheets and guides that you will have access to through their website on pdf. Anyway, I paid through paypal and was directed to a site that said my transaction was declined. However, the transaction went through paypal just fine and my $97 is gone. I have yet to receive the “immediate” email which was supposed to have my password in order to access the curricula.

    in Virginia

    Click the links. Always.

    And in case anyone else has problems with this “business”, the following info might be of some assistance:

    Technical Contact: Wallace, Clyde clydew@3moms.com
    5241 Savoy Court
    Cape Coral, FL 33904

    Phone: 805-252-3176


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    Thanks to Pauline for pointing out this NYT piece that Chris found the other day. Ridiculous!


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    Or so says Jon Swift:

    Sure, a few disease-ridden children whose parents can’t afford to take them to the doctor will spread their illnesses to other children in school. But that’s why we have home-schooling and expensive private schools that filter out those who cannot afford health care. Parents are free to decide if they want to make the extra effort or spend the extra money to keep their kids safe. With socialized medicine, parents wouldn’t have any choice at all.


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    Read the description and then click on the photo to start the movie.


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    *Grand Theft Shtick

    Izzy posted a link to the CoH a day late. I guess I’ll just have to wait until tomorrow. 🙂


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    And a really good reason to home educate:

    Bus driving forced on some school workers

    I would like to voice some concerns to the public on how child nutrition employees are being forced to drive school buses in Cumberland County. We sign a form when hired, stating that we will obtain a commercial driver’s license. That process is a two-day class, one day for an exam and two days of actually driving a bus. You pass, then go to the DMV for your CDL.

    Then you are told you will drive a bus. You are given a paper with left turns, right turns and a neighborhood you have never entered and must figure out the route. That is a little scary. Some folks are okay with this process; others are very uncomfortable.

    Because of the fear of losing your job with child nutrition for the past 10-plus years, you are forced to drive. I understand the need but isn’t there a more fair way to handle this? Teacher assistants, secretaries and custodians must obtain CDLs. It seems the child nutrition employee is the number one choice. To force someone to drive just doesn’t seem fair.

    Margaret Caudill
    Hope Mills

    Two days of training is even less than I received to get my school bus driver’s license 30 years ago.


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    There is a solution, y’know. Anyone want to clue him in? [h/t Heidi]


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    I need some advice. Or, more precisely, a young adult currently staying with us does. He’s 18, starting college in January, and is going to be looking for a job in retail or the food service industry. He also has a pierced lip. I’ve advised him to lose the lip ring before going out on any interviews. But I’m an old fart. What do y’all think about these things? If you were a manager of some store or restaurant, would you look askance at a prospective hire because of a piercing?

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