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    This professor narrowed our possible choices by one. I really don’t know what to say about the piece. Disjointed doesn’t quite cover it.

    UPDATE: What a fucking moran! Party of Lincoln and Roosevelt is not exactly new.


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    Voters should be aware of party platform

    I have talked with a lot of friends and family; all happen to be Democrats. I started asking questions on the platform of the Democratic Party. In all cases, they disagreed with the platform. When I stated that what they were opposed to was the Democratic Party’s platform, they couldn’t believe what I was saying was correct. That’s when I informed them the great party of Sam Ervin and Tip O’Neill had been stolen in the last eight to 10 years.

    One point that makes me wonder about these lifelong Democrats is the abortion issue. I ask them, are you Christians? Do you believe in the Bible? How about the 10 Commandments? How about the “Thou shall not kill” part? Most answer yes. Then I ask: Would it be OK with you if your daughter or granddaughter had an abortion without your knowledge? If a baby survived an abortion, would it be OK to let it lay there and die without medical help? Most answer no.

    Then I get, “But what about the woman’s right to choose?” You still have your right of choice; you just need to make it at the beginning of the love- making, not a few weeks later.

    Before you make your lifelong decision to stay a Democrat, you might want to remember who will be making the decision the day you reach the Golden Gates.

    Glenn Seeley
    Spring Lake

    I find it interesting that these anti-choice absolutists always seem to have masculine names. Coincidence?

    And when did God move to San Francisco?


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    The Palin/McCain ticket is already measuring the drapes in the WH declaring war on new countries and they haven’t even been elected yet. What arrogance!


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    This has to be one of the dumbest over-reactions in history. A summary just won’t do it justice.


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    He took his younger daughter to a Halloween party last night. Proof positive he’s in league with Dick Cheney the Prince of Darkness.

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