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    D (a school bus) UI is not very cool.


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    That is, “insane.” It’s a really good question.

    FROM “A” to “B”

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    You’ve got to love the folks who write the (totally scientific) polls at OneNewsNow. They really do seem to know their readers. Today’s is #1.


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    That’s “Wingnut of the Day.”

    And another thoughtful conservative calls for the repeal of the 19th Amendment.

    Only real Americans (that means white, conservative, and male) deserve the vote.

    They really do hate democracy, don’t they?


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    Life in Tea Party Central Casting:

    Corruption apparent with health vote

    Well, the battle is on. I have a hard time understanding, after all these years, why anyone would proudly associate his name with the title “Democrat.” I have never seen a more ungodly, corrupt group in Washington, and even in our own town, that has raised its head to deprive the citizens of this country of their constitutional rights.

    What is even sadder is not that the health care bill has passed because of our present group of communist sympathizers, but we have so many willing to sell this country down the tubes for the color of the resident’s skin or the greed of their character.

    Bob Smith

    Do these sub-morons really believe that supporting health insurance reform somehow equates to being a communist sympathizer? I could pick apart his letter word by word, but why bother? I am really curious, though, about what constitutional rights we on the left have deprived him of? Was it the right to be denied coverage by an insurance company? Or perhaps it was the right to be driven into a medical bankruptcy because he gets sick. Oh, I know. He’s being deprived of the right to pay for insurance for years and years, only to have the insurance company rescind his policy when he needs it. Yeah! We proud Democrats are a bunch of sick bastards for that one.


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    OneNewsNow is touting a bunch of homeschoolers who are “challenging” the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act.


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    One News Now is full of shit. The write downs that Deere and Caterpillar are taking are due to a closure of a ridiculous tax loophole that allowed them to write off as an expense money they weren’t spending. FASB rules require that they account for the change in their 10-Q. So they did. But it’s not real money, and it’s certainly not money that they should have been able to count as income. But ONN (full of shit!) wants to play games.

    And small businesses were NOT eligible to take advantage of that particular loophole. If anything, reform helps level the playing field for them.


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    Do y’all remember the Sesame Street song that started out “One of these things is not like the others”? That song popped into mind when I read this HuffPo piece:

    Such products as Left Behind wall paper, screen savers, children’s books, and video games have become part of the ubiquitous American background noise. Less innocuous symptoms include people stocking up on assault rifles and ammunition, adopting “Christ-centered” home school curricula, fearing higher education, embracing rumor as fact, and learning to love hatred for the “other,” as exemplified by a revived anti-immigrant racism, the murder of doctors who do abortions, and even a killing in the Holocaust Museum. And now we have a cult/militia dedicated to the same idea.

    Funny, but I don’t equate stockpiling weapons and ammo with homeschooling, Christ-centered or not. Just because Christianists homeschool doesn’t mean they’re all one step removed from declaring war on the federal government.


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    *Oh. My. Allah!

    Fundamentalist Muslims can be just as stupid and evil as their Christianist counterparts.

    (CNN) — A Lebanese man charged with sorcery and sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia is scheduled to be beheaded on Friday, the man’s lawyer said Wednesday… Sibat is the former host of a popular call-in show that aired on Beirut-based satellite TV channel “Sheherazade.” According to his lawyer, Sibat would predict the future on his show and give out advice to his audience.