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    Leigh Bortins, founder and CEO of Classical Conversations argues that her $1M+ after tax income is not enough. She appears to think that she deserves a tax break. And she implies that cutting her taxes in half would allow her to hire an additional 10 employees.

    Leigh Bortins, for example, owns a startup business selling homeschooling education curriculums and providing seminars for families. She files it as an S-Corp, meaning her business income is taxed at personal rates.

    Bortins reports $1 million to $2 million in profit on her tax return each year, and she said the nearly $1 million she paid in taxes this year on her 2010 income could have allowed her to hire 10 more employees (at an average salary of $50,000) and she still could have given $500,000 in taxes to the government.

    I guess they teach Voodoo Economics at her “school.”


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    Pretty much sums it all up. The scientists at CERN are doing science correctly. They’ve asked researchers in Japan and the US to attempt to replicate the results. I’m not taking XKCD’s bet.


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    Q: Raise up your daughters in the way that you think they should go, and when they’re grown up they will…

    A: Be miserable.

    B: Perpetuate the species.

    C: Escape if they’re lucky.

    D: All of the above.