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    There are approximately 314,860,079 people in the US. I’d say that Mitt Romney’s odd of being named the next Treasury Secretary at slightly less than one in 314,860,079.


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    Area rugs at Lowes for $10!


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    Michael Farris makes homeschoolers look bad.


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    Ran into an interesting problem on the Wal-mart website. I could not check out with my purchase. Clicking on “Proceed to checkout” merely refreshed the screen. This happened under both Chrome and Firefox (Aurora). I contacted customer service to let them know about the bug. They had a solution right away: Disable DoNotTrack+. Apparently, Wal-mart requires an ability to track you across the internet before they’ll sell you something.

    Guess which online retailer is now auctoris non grata.

    ANYONE HAVE $175,223,510 LYING AROUND?

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    The Powerball jackpot is likely to hit almost $500M by Wednesday’s drawing. With odds of 1 in 175,223,510 it might make sense to play every possible combination (if you think there won’t be another winner). Of course, the jackpot is in the form of an annuity, so the present value is probably closer to $250M. So, maybe it’s not worth the gamble.

    I think I’ll keep my $175,223,510 safely hidden away in my mattress.


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    I have a favor to ask of the 2 or 3 readers left. I want to get Lydia a k-cup type coffee brewer (Keurig or other brand) but am having a helluva time deciding. Reviews for the Keurig machines are all over the place. Every machine gets great reviews and awful reviews. So, I figured I’d turn to some folks I trust: you. Does anyone have any experience with these machines? And, if so, which features are worth paying for and which aren’t?



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    I may be a jerk, but I’m pretty sure the Teabaggers have cost the GOP control of the Senate. Go on, keep demonizing minorities and antagonizing women. I’m sure that will be a winning strategy next time.