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    Someone please tell me that this is a joke! Surely, no one could be stupid enough to name a food product “Soylent,” right? And to name the company “Soylent Corporation?”

    The ingredients list seems to have left out the main ingredient: people!

    Real people vs. HEKs

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    Yes, I haven’t had two homeschooling-related posts in a single day in years, but I can’t pass up this idiotic quote:

    “Administrators should consider allowing, or even encouraging, partial homeschooling when a family expresses strong wishes to have their child receive ‘more’ during the school day,” says Deborah Ruf, an educational consultant for families of gifted children. “If the school isn’t set up for full-time gifted immersion programming, allowing the family to set up other opportunities for a portion of the school day can be an ideal solution.”

    Partial homeschooling can provide the best of both worlds, Ruf says. If they’re fully removed from school, “bright students will miss out on knowing what ‘real people’ are like. We want our future policymakers to be grounded in real life without having to sacrifice their own high abilities and talents.” [emphasis added]

    Right. HEKs don’t meet “real people” in “real life.” The only place “real people” show up are in the public schools.

    We’re getting ready to start the home stretch for our home edumacatin’. Chelsea will graduate a year from now and Jonathan will be starting “high school” this autumn. We’ve been at this for, I think, 12 years. When we’re finally done 4 years from now, it will feel very strange.


    “I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because I apparently write like a baboon.” I scored a 56 out of 100 on this post. Of course, I didn’t actually make any of their suggested changes. What kind of crazy software thinks “edumacatin'” needs correcting?


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    Bad stat of the day.

    The number of children who are homeschooled nationwide increased by 75 percent last year and the trend is noticeable in our area too.


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    Fotor requested a paid review of their Photo Effects photo editing software. They didn’t request any kind of control of what I said or even the right to review the, er, review prior to publishing.

    I’ve been playing with it on and off for a couple of weeks now. It’s pretty powerful compared to other free software available (i.e., Picasa). It’s all basically push button options. A nice feature is that there’s a thumbnail version of what your photo would look like with each of the various digital filters applied.


    Some of the filters are pretty slick. Here’s a before and after using Comics B&W.


    Hogwarts B&W

    A minor quirk, clicking Save As doesn’t bring up the normal pop up unless you first change the file name.

    Although I haven’t tried any of them yet, there are downloadable versions for most common platforms (Sorry, COD, no Linux).

    If you’re looking for some nice free editing software, Photo Effects is worth a look.


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    Why are active duty military exempt from having to remove their shoes at airport security? Since 2001 there have been 23 terrorist attacks on US soil. One of those was by active duty military. Since about 1% of the population are in the armed services, basic statistics would indicate that a serviceman or -woman is ~4x more likely to commit a terrorist attack than is a civilian. Do I actually believe that? No. But I don’t believe that there’s any evidence that they’re less likely, either. So, have them remove their shoes/boots or let us keep ours on.


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    Hmmm. I just had an “event” pop up on my Google calendar. A Nigerian scammer. The message bypassed gmail’s spam filters and went straight to my calendar. I hope this is not the first of a trend.