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    THANKS, I GUESS A (presumed) homeschooling parent wrote the editor in response to the Rob Reich nonsense from the other day. This is a thoroughly counter-productive letter, in my opinion. His main point seems to be that Florida homeschoolers are already “accountable” because they are tested each year. By government-school teachers, no less.

    In all cases, annual evaluations are done by Florida-certified teachers. Results are reported to the School Board, stating whether or not a student performed adequately for his grade level.

    This is a good thing? He then basically goes on to invite legislators to mandate that homeschoolers take the state accountability tests.

    Florida law sensibly grants the option of using such tests. Until academic standards for the FCAT objectively exceed those of the SAT and ITBS, why would anyone with a legal choice use the still-evolving and grading-problem-plagued FCAT?

    …Florida homeschoolers are already thoroughly accountable by law, and whether or not they take the FCAT is a thoroughly bogus issue.

    This is really poor. The writer has completely bought into the argument that homeschoolers are accountable to the state. He’s just arguing about the details. Pitiful. I hope another homeschooling parent sets the record (and this guy) straight.

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