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    TELLING SPAM I received a spam from a company looking to market to homeschoolers. It contains an excellent anecdote evidencing how forcing homerschoolers to take standardized tests infringes on our parental rights.

    Spring is in the air — that is if you think of spring as continuous rainfall, with intermittent breaks of heavy mist. Oh well, this is just one of the many reasons we love Washington State. The other is their tolerant acceptance of home educators. While our 3 oldest have been out landscaping, gardening and training the horses in this gloriously damp weather, the 2 youngest have been housebound taking their annual standardized tests, which are mandatory according to the State of Washington.

    So, instead of educating their kids in the manner they feel best, they have to keep them chained to the kitchen table “prepping” for the state-mandated test.

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