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    ANOTHER HOMESCHOOL U According to Agape Press, Belhaven College in Jackson, Mississippi actively recruits homeschoolers. A large chunk of the faculty and the college president are homeschooling parents.

    Belhaven president Dr. Roger Parrott, himself a home-schooling parent, says he understands the significance of home school education and that it is a great foundation for college-level work. He says the school offers special scholarships for home-schooled students.

    “We find that [home-schooled students] come with high ACT [scores] and, because they are home-schooled, we add some [financial] incentive to that … to help them,” Parrott says. “We also know that … if they come, they’re going to persist and graduate because parents are going to be involved in their education. Part of the challenge of all of education is lack of parental involvement — and we don’t want that to end just when they come to college.”

    One to keep in mind.

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