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    DELAWARE ITEM The News-Journal carried today a column entitled “A Sneak Assault on System.” The author believes the war on Iraq is being used to hide a concerted effort by conservatives to starve the government by running a big deficit.

    Hardly any attention is given to the possibility that falling government revenue, however much it derives from market imponderables, is convenient and useful to political forces that want nothing more than an impoverished and vastly reduced governmental structure at all levels.

    I’m no fan of deficit spending but starving a bloated government would be the silver lining. Here’s the best quote from the column.

    Radical voices on the right have boasted that the federal government will be reduced by half within 25 years. That means many programs of social value will be eliminated, initiatives will be unborn, and the complex web of the American collective will unravel.

    Interesting word choice- “collective.” I thought the Soviet Union collapsed a while ago. I didn’t realize that we had moved it over here. My bad. The rest of the column is no better.

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